Saturday, March 12, 2016

Imagination (third installment)


In the beginning, my imagination seemed to flow with ease.  I finished the first draft of each of the first two stories in less than a week after I'd begun to write them. Sometimes the ideas flowed so fast I found I’d written myself into a corner and had no recourse but to self-sufficient.

At other times the dilemmas I created for my characters would take a few hours or even a couple of days to resolve before I could move forward. This was especially true in the third Book, Topaz, and the Green Fairies. Yet my passion for writing never waned. I love the challenge. It's like trying to solve a difficult puzzle. My biggest problem is spelling. Thank goodness for 'spell-check'.

As a newbie to writing, I had to learn the craft as well. So I joined a writers group,  attended multiple workshops, read several books, and scoured the internet for articles written by accomplished writers. 

All in all, writing about Topaz and his friends has been an enjoyable experience for me. It's also been many hours of hard work with seldom a day off. I've put in more hours  per day writing than I ever did when I worked as a full-time RN. The truth is, most days I barely notice how long I've been in front of the computer until my husband says, "are you ready to  for something to eat?"

Thankfully, he's quite self-sufficient, and he actually likes to make his own meals!

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