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Topaz, the Yellow Conjure Cat

Topaz, the Yellow Conjure Cat

As I've already mentioned, Topaz is not just an ordinary cat. He's very much a product of the mystical world he lives in. His luminous topaz eyes, a trait characteristic of his breed, are quite unsettling to those beings unfamiliar with conjure cats.  At times, those eerie eyes may be a bit unnerving for close friends as well.  This happens when Topaz appears to look through someone rather than looking at them. But that's by far, not the only reason others find them so disturbing.

Aside from his strange luminous eyes there are other traits that set him apart. He has quite a long tail, and his short buttery yellow fur is striped with pale orange. Topaz is a large, lean, muscular cat that weighs more than the Elf king. His shoulders actually come past the king's waist. This would make him roughly one hundred and fifty pounds.

Unfortunately, Topaz is the last cat of his kind. Even so, he's committed to the ancient Code he swore to uphold as did his forefathers before him. The Code governs the use of his unique conjure power. Nevertheless, this power has its limits. Armed with only a basic understanding of how this power works, Topaz struggles with this insecurity even as fights to protect the kingdom and all its inhabitants. These are but a few of the challenges our conjure cat faces when confronted with other beings who threaten the peace and safety of his beloved Knownotten.

Nevertheless, Topaz's dedication does not end here in the Kingdom of Knownotten. He's often called upon to defend the powerless victims of evil and injustice in other lands. Because he is wise, he's not above accepting the advice and companionship of others as he strives to fulfill what he sees as his duty to all Fairies and Elves as well as other mystical beings.

Topaz, for all his good points, is not a perfect being. Like some of us, he's been known to lose his patients and to speak without thinking. As you learn more about him, I'm sure you'll find these aren't his only failings. All the same, he's well loved by his friends and by readers, young and old alike.

Although these tales were written for the entertainment of those who enjoy fast-paced mystical adventures and original fairy tales, there is an emphasis on the value of courage, commitment, friendship, and loyalty.

* Fairy and Elf are capitalized because they are the name of a nationality in this series.

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