Sunday, October 2, 2016

Otis, The Great Owl

Otis, the 'Great Owl'

(a character from Topaz the Conjure Cat Books)

Otis, The great owl, as he is so often referred to by his friends, is unusually large for a Great-Horned Owl. His wingspan is immense, measuring nearly ten feet in diameter. Three to five feet is the average wingspan for most owls. He's extremely loyal to Topaz and may take on a paternal role in his efforts to stop Topaz from doing something he considers dangers or foolhardy. The great owl's loyalties do not stop there. He's protective of the Fairies and Elves of Knownotten Kingdom as well and will do anything for them. Although Otis is the conjure cat's closest friend, he oftentimes pushes his friend's patients to the point of annoyance with his overly critical points of view.

Owls are birds of prey, and Otis is no exception. He prefers to begin hunting at dust for an hour or two and again before dawn. His diet consists mostly of fish and mice when living in the wild. Over time he's made it a learned practice not to prey on the inhabitants of the kingdom, simply because most of them have become his friends. As a result, Otis has developed an appetite for the finer foods he finds at the king's table, and he takes full advantage of his standing invitation to Sunday teas at Knownotten Castle. 

Owl Facts:

Owls are skillful hunters. They have outstanding hearing; however, owls are best known for their binocular vision. This extraordinary gift allows them to see for great distances. Their powerful feathered talons are another asset, making it possible for them to crush the bones of their prey and swallow them whole once they've removed the unwanted parts with their beaks. Because the feathers in their wings are stiff, and owl's wings are virtually silent. This enables them to pounce on their prey without notice. This may be their greatest advantage.

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