Sunday, October 16, 2016


 Topaz and the Green Fairies is Awarded the Silver Medal by Literary Classics

Bozel, a genuinely likable young fairy, sets out on his own in an attempt save his family and their community. Torrential rains are causing his village to slide into the river and their homes and land are being destroyed by mud slides. Young Bozel has been selected by the green fairies to find a safe-haven before they all perish.

Can such a young boy save his people? Does he have what it takes to overcome the obstacles and trials he must face? Youngsters will thrill at the adventure and excitement of this delightful fantasy for children. Along the 
way makes new friends who will help him on his journey. In their
travels they meet Topaz, a magical cat with mystical powers. Together with his new friends they devise a plan to rescue Bozel’s community.

Author, Pat Frayne, introduces young readers to an eclectic group of animals, including the ever-so-unusual
buckwetcher, and the enchanting ghostbird. With just enough suspense to keep children on the edge of their seats, this marvelous children’s book will enthrall young audiences.

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